Workshops are regularly hosted both online and in person for groups of 15 – 30 people. Typically they will last 1 -1.5 hours and will be an informative talk with any questions answered throughout. Attendees will be provided with useful tools and tips to help them make positive changes. Below are examples of some of the scheduled sessions:

  • No Sugar Challenge
  • Hormonal Balance for Women 40+
  • Good Food, Good Mood!
  • Eat Well, Sleep Well
  • Healthy food for healthy kids
  • Master Immunity
  • Small changes, big results for healthy living
Get in touch to enquire about London Food Therapy’s next Workshop and book your spot. If you’d like to book a bespoke Workshop for you and a group, just let me know.

The No Sugar Challenge Workshop was amazing. I was inspired by all the info and tips. The recipes and support materials were great. The changes I have made improved my energy levels, sleep, skin and my weight. Thank you Laura Southern!

Daniel Berg. No Sugar Challenge Workshop , October 2019