Nutritional Therapist Laura Southern founded London Food Therapy to help people stop suffering and start living.

Feeling great is everything, and with expert personalised guidance we can all enjoy life at its fullest. From chronic health conditions, digestive issues, hormonal complaints and food intolerances, to weight management, stress relief and health for fertility, get in touch and take the first step to discovering how much better things can be.

Laura Southern

Registered Nutritional Therapist
The guidance I received from Laura Southern was life changing. I recommend anyone
who is thinking about Nutritional Therapy to take action, and start now. My only regret is that
I didn’t start sooner.
Dana Rhodes
Laura’s advice has changed my life. Getting the right diet and eating routine improved
my health within days. She provided great tips, meal plans and shopping advice which made sticking with the new regime
more manageable.
Ilan Jacobs