Private Consultations


Life is too precious not to be lived at our fullest, and feeling good is everything. If you have a health complaint that’s holding you back, know that it doesn’t need to be this way. With the right support things really can be easier, and you can feel healthier and happier.

Be the person taking action and get personalised, expert nutritional guidance that allows you to live your best life. You can overcome your challenges and meet your goals, we just need to start. Below lists some of the key conditions I cover. Your complaint may not be listed here but do get in touch to see if I can still be of assistance.


Consultations and Packages

Consultations can be ‘pay as you go’ or part of a package. Whichever route you choose we always begin with an initial consultation which lasts 1hr 15 minutes, A detailed health history is taken and a tailored plan will be devised to meet your goals and help track your progress. With a package, we work together to optimise your plan along the way, ensuring it suits your lifestyle and delivers the best results possible. Furthermore, the support and accountability over time helps to deliver consistent progress. Get in touch to ask about consultation prices and packages.

Functional Health Tests

In some cases, a blood, stool or saliva test may be suggested. The tests provide clinical insights allowing for more specific tailored recommendations.

Get in touch to enquire about Personal Consultations, in person or online.