Corporate Wellness


Wellness in the Workplace

Our personal health and wellness play a huge role in our productivity and happiness. Empowering and inspiring your workforce with the knowledge and an understanding of the benefits of nutritional and lifestyle changes, can boost morale and output.

Corporate wellness talks and programmes either on-site or via online conference platform can be tailored to your requirements, and may cover:

  • The building blocks of nutrition
  • Nutrition for productivity
  • Eat smart, work smart
  • Master sleep, master anything!
  • Be the boss of sugar
  • Small changes, big results for healthy living
  • Nutritional myths busted
  • Nutrition for a busy bee

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The advice about sleep, how to reduce sugar and increase vitamin intake was great. We received practical ways to support immunity at a very useful time. Laura was very knowledgeable and had some great recommendations.

Barclays Bank, March 2020.
Master Immunity, you and your family.

Laura was an excellent speaker, very knowledgeable but also down to earth and relatable.

Northern Trust, April 2020
Health at its best during Covid19

Laura delivered a fantastic building blocks of nutrition workshop to our staff as part of our Wellness Week. Staff found the session really insightful. I would definitely recommend this session to any company that is looking to invest in wellbeing initiatives.

Fleishman Hillard UK, 2017
Health at its best during Covid19